Tips On Getting Hair Extensions

With reality  TV stars and A-list celebrities raving about genuine Indian hair extensions and the wonders it has done for them, it’s no wonder many women are rushing to their nearest salons and asking for a makeover in hopes that they will be receiving the same transformation as well. Who couldn’t resist these beauties with their much coveted and most likely expensive manes? However, there are beauty experts who stress that before deciding to commit yourself to hair extensions, you must always be aware of what you are getting yourself into. You shouldn’t dare to take the plunge if you don’t know what the water is like, after all.

When getting virgin hair extensions, one should always ask questions.

  1. Don’t be ashamed of your snooty hair stylist, you are paying for their services after all.
  2. Ask about the quality of the hair, where the hair is coming from, and other pressing questions such as that. It is your right as a customer to always ask questions, and have these questions answered in a precise and professional manner.
  3. Make sure you get a professional stylist. Don’t go for beginners out there, you want only the best touching your hair. With such a complicated process involved, you know that you shouldn’t trust just anyone when getting those virgin hair extensions from Indian hair reputable distributors.
  4. Ask around from your friends, family, and co-workers about the best hairdresser for this. Better yet, go to a specialist salon and ask for the expert in hair extensions.
  5. Not all hair extensions are made the same; there are a variety of styles and kinds of hair. Ask for a sample and see which one looks good on you and feels comfortable.

Getting hair extensions can damage your hair. You might have heard some horror stories from among your friends, or even from celebrities about their natural hair falling off or them getting bald spots. These tales are very much true. It is always important that you baby your hair and use only the proper shampoos and conditioners. Also, gentle brushing would help otherwise you’ll leave your hair looking all tangled and ratty much like a dirty old mop.

It is always better to have a good talk with your stylist so that both of you will get a good grasp of what you would want your hair to look like with those virgin human hair extensions. This will save you the headache of having those post-salon blues. You will also save yourself from the inevitable and embarrassing shouting matches with your stylist if you don’t like what you see.

Having virgin human hair extensions can be great for your image. You can get an entirely new look and make you feel like a whole new woman. Understanding the ins and outs of having hair extensions will certainly save you from a whole lot of heartache. It would be best if you know what you are getting yourself into.  Once you take the plunge, there is no turning back.



Dreamed Of Having Long Luxurious Locks – Don’t Fret, Hair Extensions Are The Best Solution

Hair extensions are strands that can be bonded easily to your own hair to make it longer or give it more volume. All women have probably dreamed of having long locks that can effortlessly be styled and treated. If you are one of those women who want to fulfill their fantasy of having long and beautiful hair, you can do so without really having to wait for it to grow longer. There are numerous salons and suppliers that actually sell hair extensions that are made of 100% human Indian hair. Another option that you can try is synthetic or artificial extensions. However, if you want to highest quality, it is best to go for the natural ones because you can treat, tint, and color them as if they were your own natural hair.

Extensions in Hair Salons
Hair extensions are part of the services that are most requested today in many salons. Extensions allow you to lengthen your hair instantly. You can also create color effects without damaging or changing its tone if you make use of 100% natural high quality hair because they can be dyed, bleached and permed.

100% Natural Extensions
The best type of extensions for your hair are those that are totally made from natural human hair. Indian hair is usually imported from India since Hindu women are usually the ones who have long and beautiful locks because they do not cut them from birth until they are married. This is a common tradition in India, in which women cannot cut their hair until marriage. Cutting long hair is a millennium ritual done in wedding.
So, after cutting their long, bushy hair, Indian women donate them to Hindu temples, which is then sold to fund the maintenance of the various temples. Their virgin hair is very healthy because it has not undergone such treatments. Thus, the term Virgin Indian hair has originated. They are frequently used in extensions due to the fact that they are in perfect condition and state.

Advantages of using hair extensions
Hair extensions will give you the ability to change your hairdo easily in merely minutes. It is difficult and it takes a long time to grow your hair. If you get yourself some hair extensions, you can completely change your look in just a matter of a few minutes. It is best to get the natural human extensions so that you will not have problems brushing, washing, and drying them. You can do the same thing on natural human hair extensions like what you would do on your normal hair.

Why Celebrities Crave About Hair Extensions

They say that a woman’s true beauty is her hair. For many, it is a source of vanity. In fact, many women go to such lengths styling their hair and giving themselves a whole new look. Even with trendy short style haircuts, there are a great number of women out there who still prefer to grow out their hair. In fact, there seem to be many ways to wear long hair. What’s a short haired woman to do, especially if she wants to give herself a makeover? Fortunately, it is virgin hair extensions for short hair to the rescue.

Celebrities are all about virgin hair extensions. Famous ladies like the Kardashian sisters and other reality TV stars such as Sundy Carter, Jackie Christie, Gloria Govan, Draya Michelle, and so much more always seem to have the perfect mane. In fact, they never seem to have a bad hair day and always seem to look their best. Stars owe their perfectly tamed locks to virgin hair extensions for short hair. Many celeb stylists are too quick to reveal their famous clientele’s secrets. After all, every woman needs a little help with her looks every now and then.

In order to eliminate any hair extension “boo-boos”, it is always best to go for real human hair extensions. It might cost you more, but the results are indeed worth every penny. You can hardly tell the difference and real hair extensions feels so comfortable and light on your hair that you’ll barely know it’s even there.  For example, you might want to try Asian hair from the Indian hair hair extensions to achieve that new look that you’ve been dying to have.

Hair extensions tend to last around three to four months. After six to eight weeks, it is recommended that you go back to the salon to have them “tightened”. This maintenance should cost you more or less around a hundred dollars.

It is always best to leave your hair to the professionals. You don’t want to come out looking like the Bride of Frankenstein. Instead, ask a seasoned stylist to place those virgin hair extensions for short hair properly. This will lessen the risk of you having to do some damage control on your precious hair.

Make sure you baby your hair during this period, as you want to make your extensions last longer. Invest in a good shampoo that won’t strip your hair of its moisture and colour. Check the labels, and make sure the shampoo you are getting is sulfate-free. When drying, it is best to dry your hair with just a towel as too much heat can damage the extensions.

Celebrities seem to have it made with their long and envious locks which seem to grace the cover of every glossy magazine. There’s no denying that long hair still remains quite the trend, and doesn’t seem to be dying out anytime soon. Fortunately for many women with cropped hair, there’s this wonderful invention called virgin hair extensions for short hair. Why shouldn’t you join in all the fun? You can rock that long hair just as good as any runway model.

Season’s Hottest Hairstyle: Basketball Wives L.A.’s Brittish Williams

Having a great hair is what all women want. How can a girl resist looking glamorously beautiful? Surely, one can do so much more is she’s gorgeous. And it is not just because ours is a world that is filled with double standards. It is for the fact that women who know that they are pretty are so sure of themselves. They are not going to be easily stopped on their tracks if and when they want something. Beautiful women who have confidence in themselves keep on moving forward. And if you know better, luxury hair extension can let you become all of that.

brittish williams

No woman could ever say no to a long, luxurious hair. Women who have it are in power. Men love such type of hair. They regard women who have it to be very beautiful. And women want to feel just like that. It gives them the power they never have. It is a no brainer now – all girls have to get this type of hair if and when they have the chance.

Reality TV celebrity like Brittish Williams  of “Basketball Wives L.A.” for one is not new to the use of hair extensions. Often, she makes use of them if she has to attend a big fashion event, a movie premiere, or if she just wants to look beautiful.

To get a hair do like that of Brittish Williams, most women go to the salon for regular treatment. Since they want their hair to grow long and luxurious, they are willing to spend a good amount of money to achieve it. Only a few knows about hair extensions. And those few are the lucky ones. Not only they don’t have to spend so much on beautiful hair – they can also get the look that they want fast and easy.

brittish williams

How long do you expect to be glamorously beautiful woman with a long luxurious hair? If your hair is short now, that would be around six months. If you don’t have six months to feel the power of a beautiful woman, what should you do instead? You can use luxury hair extensions. That’s the easiest and the quickest way to get a very beautiful set of long tresses that is also very natural looking.

brittish williams

Luxury hair extensions from the Indian hair collection come in all types and lengths. You can get the one that is already styled or you can settle for the virgin hair extension. Either way, you are about to get that makeover that you always wanted to have – and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it at that.

brittish williams

The price of luxury hair extensions starts at only a few dollars over a hundred bucks. That’s all you need to pay for to look wonderfully beautiful. There’s no need for invest a thousand dollars to improve the way your hair looks. Just a hundred bucks is enough. After which, the hair you’re wearing will look as natural as you want it to. It will also stay with you for several weeks – not overnight like most synthetic hair extensions would. Just keep in mind that you have to get only virgin hair extensions from the Indian hair extensions. If you want quality hair extensions more than anything else, you have to settle only with the very best and that is – Indian hair.

In an article by Rolling Out back in April, it has been reported that Brittish, who is engaged to basketball athlete Lorenzo Gordon, revealed that she has been wearing hair extensions since she was 17 years old. She added that she loves Malaysian Hair because it mixes with her hair type very well.

According to Williams, genuine hair extensions are great because she can use it for a long time, even color it and cut it. She said that she can wear her hair extensions for at least a year.



‘RHOA’ Star Porsha Williams Unveils Lingerie Line

“Real Houswives of Atlanta,” or RHOA, star Porsha Williams will unveil her own collection of lingerie line on Dec. 12. Williams made the official announcement on Instagram.

Williams has taken the entertainment industry by storm and became quite a reality TV vixen. She is building her own brand. With her lingerie line, Williams clearly knows how to figure out this game.

Williams also has her own hair line that offers luxurious hair extensions.  Her collection include a variety of Brazilian and Indian hair textures.