12-Year-Old White Girl Goes Viral Over Braids, Gets Race-Tinged Backlash

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When 12-year-Old Mallory Merk opted to share a photo of her new hair style—box braids—she had no idea that a racially charged backlash would follow.

Mallory apparently wanted to try something new with her hair. What she didn’t know is that what was “new” to her was a hairstyle strongly associated with African-Americans.

And as social unrest continues over the treatment of African-American lives and culture, this pre-teen unwittingly waded into a debate she was probably too young to truly appreciate.

It’s a tidbit that was largely lost on the many people who attacked her.

Some simply wanted this youngster to understand that “black hairstyles” were off-limits

According to Reddit user dwightusandronicus, who “saw the whole thing unfold on his Twitter feed”, there were adults threatening to “rip the braids out of [her] head”.

But not every black person who participated in the ugly viral debate was opposed to…

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Hair Extension- Simplest Method To Get Voluminous And Lengthy Hair

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Everyone wishes to have long and strong hair. Long hairs are one of the best parts of your personality especially in women’s. Every person in this world desires to have silky and smooth hairs that could sum up elegance to their looks. There are hardly any individuals who are born with wonderful hairs that needs less protection or maintenance. Others have to perform upon their hairs and follow several techniques of increasing their hair.

images.52Hair extensions are one of the most recommended types of improving the extent of your hair. It is generally a group of hair connected to the affected part of the head. These hairs are made to match the surface of the hair, so that it should not look uncomfortable for you. It is not just for a craze or fashion but they can help you to accomplish an excellent look. You can have long hair in…

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Want to do business in the industry of beauty care? Then here’s a model business plan sample on how to start selling hair extensions. Since human hair looks more natural, versatile and resistant to damage, human hair is preferred for extensions, wigs, hairpieces and braids. The demand for human hair now is booming. I think you are aware of the mad rush for human hair, such as the Brazilian hair, European, Peruvian hair, Indian hair, etc. In fact, this trend is still going on and a large sum of women is starting of owning one.

Learn the basics.

Take time to learn about weaving hair and other applications of hair extensions as well as learn the differences between natural and synthetic hair human hair weaves. This way, you can understand what braids, weaves, and hair extensions are best for different types of hair. You also need to understand exactly what the customer wants. (You do not want to give the client a bulk bag 18 inches Brazilian hair when in fact, she asked for 16 inches Remy Hair). You have to read books on hair care and cosmetology, browse forums online for hair stylists and consult with licensed  hair extensions specialists to find everything you need to know about the human hair.

Conduct feasibility study and write a business plan.

This is very important because you do not want to simply import human hair, only to discover that there is no demand for it in your region. Before you invest a dime in this business, it is necessary to conduct a feasibility study to determine the people if they are willing to buy human hair. You should also find out how big the demand is, the exact type of human hair that your potential customers want and how much they are willing to pay for it. You should also try to figure out how much it will cost to buy and deliver human hair, the challenges you will face and how to overcome them.

Choose a good location.

Want to open a brick and mortar? Or shop e-commerce? Or would you prefer to become a market vendor? You need to decide what best suits you. If you are planning to open an ecommerce store, you still have to ensure the storage space that is free from dirt, pets and dust. You can opt for a warehouse or commercial storage facility, but the use of airtight storage containers spare closet or garage is a cheaper option. Human hair can be either flat or hung up, but avoid bending or twisting, as this will ruin them. You can also use dropshipping wholesale. This way, you will not have to carry inventory.

Connect with manufacturers

Set wholesale accounts with brands and manufacturers of human hair. For the lowest prices, connects directly with manufacturers from India or China, because most human hair weaving is collected and produced in Asia. An example of a good place to connect with manufacturers and suppliers is Alibaba.com and Aliexpress.com.

Provide incentives to attract customers that customers buy with you. There are already several salons that offer a wide range of human hair for sale. And you may have difficulties to enter the market if people are not given strong reasons to patronize your business rather than competition.

Add a strategy related to inventory to make your hair extensions business fuller and profitable. To sell items, you also need hair extensions tools. Examples of such items are shavers, hair bonding glue, knitting needles, etc. It is likely that your customers will need these items, too. So, why not take the opportunity to earn more money by including them?

Customers first

It is often easier to convert to customers for the first time or to attract new customers and then focus on retaining them. Therefore, always give your customers an amazing first impression. Bulk buyers and repeat customers help businesses thrive. Therefore, offer attractive discounts to salon professionals, hairdressers / stylists, cosmetology students and other bulk buyers to gain balance and to repeat having business with them. You can give discounts between 20% and 30% off the retail price, depending on what is available in your area.

Market your company

No one comes to know about a business that is not promoted. Therefore, adopting various marketing strategies to spread the word about your business selling hair is a key factor. If you have a physical store, try to sponsor a fashion show, hair show, or a related event. You can also make your business popular by donating hair or make wigs for people who have lost their hair to cancer or other diseases such as alopecia. Besides this, it gives you a sense of personal fulfillment, but also helps you get media coverage.

RHOA’s Kenya Moore Throws Shade At Lupita Nyong’o. Says She Needs To Humble Herself Since She Only Made 2 Movies.

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Hunny this season of RHOA is allllll about shade! So it is no surprise that Kenya Moore will plant a palm tree on and off camera. This time the tree leaned towards Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o. Both women attended the Golden Globes and the after party. Kenya wanted to take a picture with Lupita, but Lupita declined. Kenya took her disgust to Twitter to tell Lupita she needs to take a humble seat.

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‘RHOA': NeNe Disses Claudia’s Sex Life In Puerto Rico

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The girls of Atlanta took a girls trip to Puerto Rico and let’s just say, the drama certainly followed them. They were all at each other’s throats on the very first night — we have the full recap!

The girls all showed up to Puerto Rico in separate groups but as soon as they all sat down for dinner together, the claws came out. Demetria and Phaedra were arguing up a storm and it wasn’t long until NeNe stepped in and started to bicker with Claudia — you won’t believe what she said to her!

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Reality TV Stars Sporting Hair Extensions

Do you envy those famous faces on TV for having long, full, and beautiful locks? Hair extensions made from genuine Indian hair, Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair are becoming a lucrative business worldwide because most celebrities turn to the use of these instant hair pieces to fix their bad hair day.

One minute you see these celebrities sporting short hair, the next minute they appear on TV, either for a live guesting on a show or an awards night, they’d be sporting  longer hair.

Hair extensions require specialised treatment for them to maintain its look and need to be taken to specialised centres for care.

Meet the famous celebrities with the best hair extensions!

Sundy Carter


Jackie Christie


Gloria Govan


Draya Michelle


Brittish Williams


Porsha Williams


Nene Leakes


‘RHOA’ Casting Scoop: Are Nene, Kenya, Cynthia, & Porsha Returning?

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Is ‘Real Housewives’ getting a whole new cast? Recent reports stated that NeNe, Kenya and Cynthia would all be fired from ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ — so is it true?

Fans were devastated to hear that Real Housewives of Atlanta favorites NeNe Leakes, Kenya Moore, Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams had all been axed from the series following the last season. After Porsha was demoted to part-time, could they all be saying goodbye to the Bravo hit?

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Learning to care for your hair extensions is the most important thing that you have to do to ensure the proper implementation and lifespan of your hair extensions. Here, we list that guide of tips to prevent hair extensions from being damaged or come across the risk of breakage. Washing it in the right way is very critical. Read on and find our recommendations on how to care for hair extensions.


Before washing your hair you should always start to detangle gently tip the hair extensions. Untangle them using the fingertips. It is very necessary to always unravel the part of the bond because by doing so you can prevent the hair from tangling and from forming small dreadlocks that are clearly impossible to disentangle.

You should wash your hair and hair extensions with warm water (preferably every other day). Wash your hair in a long straight way (in a straight line avoiding circular motion so that the roots do not tangle and start to fall) with your head bowed down – this is to avoid tangles, always wash from top to bottom.

You can use a special shampoo for hair extensions. Preferably, your shampoo should be the one that provides deep moisturizing shampoo. Place the required amount of shampoo in the palm of your hands and rub them on your scalp and gently slide it around your hair to ends. Avoid using too much shampoo. What you can do is to pour a small amount of shampoo in a container and mix it water then apply it all over your hair starting at the high neck and letting it slip to the tip. Never wash your hair too strongly because it will just get them tangled.

After rinsing the shampoo, put conditioner (the recommended brands as a good conditioner are paramount) but make sure you don’t touch the scalp, otherwise the bond will quickly loosen. After draining the conditioner, it is advisable to use a conditioning cream in the same way. Leave it on for about 3 to 5 minutes and then rinse.

Gently squeeze your hair and wrap it with a towel to remove excess water. Then brush the hair with a wide tooth brush, always starting from the bottom up. Never begin brushing your hair extensions, be it Indian hair, Malaysian hair, or Brazilian hair near the scalp.


When comb your hair and hair extensions, use a wide tooth brush or a special hair brush for hair extensions, starting at the tips brushing up gently. Brush your hair holding it with one of your hands like you are holding a ponytail and brush it little by little. Brush it as smooth as possible starting with the ends and slowly rising to prevent your extensions from coming off with a strong pull.

Never brush your hair extensions with strong pulls, because it will ruin them and even hurt your scalp. Brush your hair extensions 2-3 times a day and apply some silk before brushing.

If you want to style your hair completely straight, you can use a flat iron or curling iron, but always be careful not to touch the fixing points. Before ironing or curling your hair, it is advisable to use heat protection substances. Heat is one of the biggest enemies for hair extensions and even your own hair, remember that the more you apply heat to your extensions, the lesser time they last.

Also be careful with the use of dryers, irons and tongs because sometimes their temperature levels are too high and can burn your hair and your extensions. Use protective treatments and apply them to your hair extensions before using your iron or hairdryer.

When you go to the gym is advisable to braid your hair to avoid tangles.


Never sleep with wet hair because moisture can actually damage hair extensions and even weaken them or cause an unpleasant musty smell. Make sure your hair is completely dry before you go to bed. We recommend bathing in the morning or afternoon, so you do not sleep with wet hair. To keep your extensions getting tangled, we recommend braiding them before bedtime.


Use a good conditioner to keep your hair extensions soft. Use the least amount of products containing alcohol, because alcohol dries your hair. Moisturize your hair extensions daily – this will keep them soft and shiny, free from tangles and prolong its life.

‘RHOA': Demetria McKinney Finds Out Roger Bob Cheated On Her

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On this drama-filled episode of ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta,’ Kandi threw a ‘sex’ party and invited the whole group of ladies for some fun. However, things took a not-so-fun turn when Demetria learnt her boyfriend of 8 years cheated on her!

Kandi Burruss‘ party was meant to bring everybody closer together, but in true ‘RHOA’ fashion, things did not go so smoothly. NeNe Leakes was cold towards Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore, despite previously hashing things out over dinner. The real blow out came when one of Kandi’s friends revealed she had a relationship with Roger Bob while he was dating Demetria McKinney — we have the full recap!

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Porsha Williams: ‘RHOA’ Star Arrested

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Uh oh! ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star Porsha Williams was arrested in Atlanta on Dec. 29 for allegedly speeding and driving on a suspended license. Click to see her mug shot!

Porsha Williams, 33, is in hot water again! The model and TV personality, who was previously arrested in April for attacking her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Kenya Moore during the show’s reunion taping, was pulled over and booked by Atlanta police on Dec. 29. Here’s what went down.

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